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We are experiencing problems sourcing replacements for some of the older lights, please be patient if you have reported a fault.  

The second phase of the comprehensive programme of column replacements and upgrading is nearing completion, with new LED's which will give a brighter, cleaner light and require less maintenance. 

Phase three of the rolling programme to change to LED's to will commence in 2019. 

Please report any problems to the Council Manager.



Barlby Crescent and back lane, Church Lane, George Terrace, Highfield Crescent, Magazine Road,  Old School Lane,  River Close, River View, Turnhead Crescent


Bank Road, Bungalow Road, Elm Street, George Street, John Street, Olympia Crescent, Ousebank/back Ousebank, Pond Street, Recreation Road (1st column only), River Street, Thomas Street (and back lanes off Barlby Road)


Back Lane, Bennymoor Lane, Cliffe Road, Howden Road, Sand Lane and The Crescent,  South Duffield Road, St Leonards Avenue, Tune Street, William Road

All other lights are the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council. Defects can be reported on 0845 8 72 72 74 or by using the interactive map on the North Yorkshire County Council website : www.northyorks.gov.uk 

See Note * for a small number of lights in Barlby Bridge.   ___________________________________________________________________ 


This scheme involves turning off some street lights between Midnight and 5.00 a.m. Columns at road junctions, where there is traffic calming or an overriding need will be unaffected. If a light near you is off and you are not sure whether it is damaged or part of this scheme please contact NYCC for clarification 

Please note that street lights in the ownership of Barlby and Osgodby Town Council are unaffected by this switch off.

NYCC are also replacing (over the next 2 - 3 years) all of its standard street lighting with LED technology which will be more energy efficient and reduce current maintenance costs.  


* The last column on Recreation Road (by the underpass) and all of the other lights between this light and the rear of Ousebank are the responsibility of the successors of BOCM Pauls.