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The Town Council is updating a new Emergency Plan for the Parish.

The Plan includes details of contact numbers and assembly centres and a form to identify vulnerable persons who may need assistance in the event of an emergency such as a flood.

The Town Council is still seeking Volunteers to assist as Flood Wardens.

An information booklet has been delivered to all houses in the Parish containing forms to register as a volunteer or to be added to the vulnerable persons register. Spare copies are still available from Barlby Library and Community Hub.


The results of the questionnaire delivered to all houses in the Parish has been analysed and almost all replies were against the proposed location for a Memorial Garden (Sycamore Road). The proposed land transfer will therefore not go ahead and the land will remain in the ownership of the District Council.

The Town Council is investigating the possibility of creating a Peace Garden on land already in its ownership. 


The Millennium Beacon will be lit to commemorate the end of World War I, this is part of a Nationwide tribute to those who served their Country during the War.

Further details of the event will be announced in the Summer.