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PLEASE NOTE - any concerns regarding the cleared sites at River View or Sycamore Road should be directed to Selby District Council as these sites have been handed back and are no longer the responsibility of the Town Council. 

The Town Council manages the following open spaces : 


Wainhomes Play Area and Playing Field 

Riverside Close/Peartree Close Play Area

The Pinfold

Maple Tree Avenue Village Green

Pindars Way Village Green  

Barlby Ponds

Barlby Woodland and Wildflower Meadow  


Bungalow Road Play Area and Playing Field


South Duffield Road Play Area and Playing Field

The Old Railway Walk

Osgodby Duck Pond

Short stay car parks are provided at Barlby Woodland and Meadow, the Old Railway Walk and the Allotments. These facilities are for site visitors, staff and authorised contractors only - overnight parking is not permitted.   


SYCAMORE ROAD - Sycamore Road Recreation Field and the site previously used as a Toddler site at Sycamore Road are now managed by Selby District Council.

BARLEY FIELDS - A new Play Area is planned on the Barley Fields estate near the old River View site, this will be the responsibility of a management company on behalf of the developer.

Any queries about the new Play Area, the Village Green or grass cutting on the Estate  please contact David Wilson Homes. 


Allotments at St Leonards Avenue - currently full. 

Allotments at Barley Fields - expected to be ready to let Spring 2020.

Please contact the Council if you want to be added to the waiting lists. 

Contact either the Allotment Manager on : asstbotc@gmail.com

or the Council Manager on : barlby.pc@btinternet.com 


The Council cuts the Playing fields, paths through the Countryside areas and verges within the 30 mph speed limits. Verges outside 30 mph limits and roundabouts are the responsibility of NYCC. The riverbank and the grassed area from Northfield to the riverbank are the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

The number of cuts at the Playing Fields during the season have been increased to encourage sports for children.   


There have been a number of incidents of dog fouling on the playing fields recently and 4 people have been intercepted and warned that this behaviour is totally unacceptable. If you witness ANYONE taking a dog onto the play areas or playing fields please take details of the date, description of the offenders/dog and the address of the offenders and the Town Council WILL prosecute. The Town Council offers a £75 reward for information leading to a successful prosecution  See poster.


The Town Council and local Schools have been working with the Tansy Beetle Officer for this area to grow Tansy plants to provide habitats for the rare Tansy Beetle. Children from 2 classes at Barlby Community Primary School took part in the project.

For more information please contact Julia (Tansy Beetle Conservation Officer) on 07880 316027