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The original Parish Allotments are situated near St Leonards Avenue, Osgodby and have a small surfaced car park for Plot Holders use only.    

Annual rents are £40 per plot and £20 per 1/2 plot.   

The Allotment Rules can be viewed here.

Plot holders are requested to keep their plots tidy and not to store compost or rubbish near adjacent house boundaries. 

Rubbish MUST NOT be dumped on site, and either removed or recycled if possible.


Plot holders should compost materials on their own plots. Anyone found to be dumping materials of any kind in the hedge bottom or at the Community Orchard will be given notice to quit. 


Long stay and overnight vehicle parking is not permitted.


DOGS - complaints noted that some people are still walking dogs on the Allotments. Please do NOT do this, this site is for food production and is not a public footpath. Anyone suspected of allowing their pet to foul the land will be reported to the Dog Warden with a view to fines or prosecution.

A new footpath has been created down the side of the Allotments to provide access to the Ponds site. 

The Allotments are currently fully booked, please contact the Allotment Manager if you would like to be added to the waiting list for this site.


Long stay and overnight parking is not permitted. 


To be added to the waiting list for either site please contact :

the Allotment Manager on asst.botc@gmail.com

or :

the Council Manager on barlby.pc@btinternet.com