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Annual Accounts 2013/14

Annual Accounts 2014/15

Annual Accounts 2015/16

Annual Accounts 2016/17 

Annual Accounts 2017/18 

Annual Accounts 2018/19 

Annual Accounts 2019/20 

Annual Accounts 2020/21



The Town Council would like to extend grateful thanks to the following  groups and organisations and people for financial funding or time given towards Parish projects. 

NYCC - Locality Funding towards : the Community Memorial Garden (£3,029), Countryside projects at Barlby Ponds (£1,789), Osgodby Pond (£900), environmental improvements in Osgodby (£339), Covid PPE (£499) and disabled access improvements at Barlby Library (£2,500).

NYCC - Continued support for Barlby Library and Community Hub, a fantastic example of Community Partnership working. 

SDC and Eastern Area CEF - Support and grant funding for Barlby Library and Community Hub.

Barlby Village Stores - for grant funding towards the Library and defibrilator provision in the Parish. 

Barlby Library Volunteers - who have given freely of their time and skills to keep the Library running for the benefit of the Community since 2012. 

Volunteers who litter pick the area  everyone who helped with new seats at the Ponds and those who have previously given their time and expertise to maintain the Parish Countryside areas. 

The Magazine Delivery Team. 

Dedicated and reliable Contractors past and present.  

Everyone who contributed support, materials and donations towards the Community Memorial Garden. 

Apologies if anyone has been missed, this is a work in progress.