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Held on the second Tuesday of each Month from 2.30 - 4.30 p.m. at Barlby Library and Community Hub. 

Teas, coffee and cake. Drop in for a chat with friends and family. All welcome.


Every Thursday from 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. at Barlby Library and Community Hub.

Cakes from 'Katie's Homemade Bakes'.

You're invited !  


The following issues will be raised with relevant authorities/organisations :  

Speeding vehicles   

Anti climb measures

Issues relating to Public Rights of Way

Access lanes being blocked by vehicles

Obstructions for cyclists and mobility scooters

AGE UK - Drop in Centre at The Black Swan, Wistow on Thursdays

Age UK will pick up clients in their mini bus to attend the centre for lunch and activities. £7 plus the cost of the lunch.  For more information or to book please phone 704115.

Age UK also operates a weekly door to door shopping service for Barlby residents.  Picks up every Friday and visits Tesco and Morrisons. 


The Selby District Council (housing) Tenant Officer is organising a number of Estate Walkabouts to identify issues to help both the community and the housing service provided by Selby District Council. The walkabouts will look at issues such as roads, paths, green areas, anti social behaviour, graffiti and any other matters that residents point out during the walkabout.

North Yorkshire Highways, the Police, local Councillors and the local Selby District grounds maintenance contractors have also been invited. The results and issues resolved will be published in the 'Open Door' Newsletter. 

If you would like to attend the next walkabout will be  :

11th September    10.00 a.m.    meet at the top of Woodlands Drive, Barlby

For more information please call Selby District Council on 705101 and ask for Matthew Brown.


This is a new project that makes free support available to ex-members of the armed forces, aged over 65. The Energy Doctor (Kate Urwin) can make home energy visits to help with utility bills and heating and other partners are offering a range of activities and days out. See contact details above. 


Held on the 1st Tuesday of each Month from 6.30 p.m. at Barlby Library and Community Hub. A small subscription is payable to cover expenses.  

The next Meeting will be June 2018.  

BARLBY and OSGODBY 'Yesterday and Today'
The book proved to be so popular that we SOLD OUT.

Due to popular demand the book has now been REPRINTED and is available to buy at £10.00 per copy. If you would like a copy - please call in to Barlby Library and Community Hub.

Download poster here.

The book was painstakingly compiled and presented to the Town Council by Mr Roland Chilvers.

Other local publications subject to availability. Please check with Reception.

See Streetlights section for more details. 

There have been a number of comments regarding the brightness of the new LED street lights which produce a brighter, whiter light than the old columns. NYCC and the Town Council are replacing old 'yellow' lighting following advice...that parts for the old lights will be unavailable in 2 years time. For a list of lights that belong to the Town Council please go to the Streetlights page. 

SELBY GLOBE CINEMA - Screenings at Selby Town Hall


Monday 18th June at 7.30 p.m.         3 BILLBOARDS at Ebbing, Missouri

For more information please contact Selby Globe Cinema on 708449 or visit www.selbyglobe.co.uk.

Eastern Area CEF Meeting dates are available on the Selby District Council website where the CEF's have their own dedicated page.

Funding is available for Community Groups. Applications must meet several objectives in the CDP, such as providing benefits for a group in the Eastern Area and also include a Community consultation. 

To download the application forms please go to : www.selby.gov.uk


University of the 3rd Age (U3A) - Anyone interested in joining the U3A and trying one of the huge range of activities please contact Kay McSherry on 01757 241963 or Email : groupcoordinatorselbyu3a@gmail.com