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Barlby with Osgodby is a civil parish in the Selby district of North Yorkshire, England, just to the north of Selby. The parish comprises Barlby Village, Barlby Bridge (Selby East Ward) and Osgodby and has a population of 5,070 according to the North Yorkshire Parish population figures, 2015. 


All Meetings, unless advertised otherwise, will be held at Barlby Library and Community Hub.   

The next Meeting of the Town Council will be held on 29th January at 7.00 p.m. 

GAS - Provision of heaters and hotplates 

After the recent problems (Northern Gas outage) quite a few people had hotplates and heaters left over. If anyone no longer requires these - SLEEP SAFE SELBY could use them for needy people.

Drop them off at Barlby Library and Community Hub (Howden Road, Barlby) between 2 - 5 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays or 10 - 12 Noon on Saturdays. Other venues to be confirmed. Thank you.

Payphone Consultation

Selby District Council has made a draft decision to oppose BT's proposal to remove payphones at various locations across the District.

One payphone on the list at the junction of York Road and Northfield, Barlby. The Council is seeking comments from local residents.  

To take part go to : www.selby.gov.uk or

Email : localplan@selby.gov.uk or

Post to : Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby, Y08 9FT 

Proposed Special (SEND) Free School in Osgodby

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) held a public meeting in Osgodby Institute on Monday 8th July at 6.30 p.m. 

NYCC Officers agreed to take concerns that could not be addressed at the meeting to relevant departments. A further public meeting will be held later this year.  Issues raised included : highways, access, transport, planning, public rights of way, pollution and other sites previously considered.  

Please note : The Town Council has not been consulted on this project.  

For further information go to :

www.northyorks.gov.uk/proposed-special-free-school-selby                                 or contact 01609 532122 

'CRACK the CODE' EVENT - 15th February

The Events Team at Barlby Library and Community Hub have designed another adventure to coincide with the Harry Potter book night in February. 

Tickets are on sale now at Library reception, at £2 per person, and there are 4 time slots available (6 tickets per slot).

Book now to avoid disappointment ! 

STREET LIGHT REPORTS - see streetlights page for who maintains the lights in the Parish 

NYCC owned lights - go to the streetlights page to see how to report a fault online. 

Town Council lights - either phone or Email a report to the Council Manager. 


The District Councillor Surgeries at Barlby Library and Community Hub are open to Barlby Village Ward and Selby East Ward residents. 

Drop in for a chat 2nd Tuesday of each Month between 5.00 - 6.00 p.m. 


There are currently 3 vacancies for the post of Councillor :

2 vacancies for the Barlby Village Ward

1 vacancy for the Barlby Bridge Ward. 

For more information please contact the Council Manager.  

SPEEDING and Road Closures

To report speeding, complete a '95 Alive' form which can be downloaded here, or pick up a paper copy from Barlby Library and Community Hub.

'95 Alive' Form

Road closures - see News and Events page. 

For information on local events and groups

Please see the News and Events page.


Session 1 - for younger members (8 - 11 yrs) from 6.00 - 7.15 p.m. 

Session 2 - for older members (11 - 16 yrs) from 7.30 - 9.00 p.m.

For more information please contact Osgodby Institute  



Please see the News and Events page for details of current consultations